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Top 10 Sumptuous Restaurants in Pangasinan


Jumpstarting our Yummy series for 2014, “Ang Pinaka” visited the the different home-grown restaurants around the “home of Bonuan bangus” and host Rovilson Fernandez’s beloved home province, Pangasinan.

If you’re planning to take a trip to the “Bangus Capital” of the country, check out our list of the yummiest restaurants in Pangasinan (in no particular order):

Casa Bella House of Ribs and Seafoods

Casa Bella is famous for its signature tender baby back ribs and other seafood meals such as sinigang na salmon head (P220) and crispy hito with buro (P135). Also worth sampling from their menu are their dinuguan ala Kapampangan (P160) and binagoongan crispy pata (P365).

Visit Casa Bella House of Ribs and Seafoods at  #75 Brgy. Manzon, San Carlos City, Pangasinan.

Great Taste Seafood and Pigar-Pigar

Great Taste Seafood and Pigar-Pigar started out as a small carinderia, but their signature dish, pigar-pigar (or deep-fried beef) (P100) had tourists and locals alike flocking to their doors. Great Taste Seafood’s sinigang na Malaga (P180) is also a crowd favorite. If you want something more Western, try their mini buffalo sandwich (P60), buffalo sandwich (P40), and cheesy mushroom buffalo burger (P45).

Visit Great Taste Seafood and Pigar-Pigar  at 41-43 SIM Building, Gomez St., Dagupan City.

Island Tropic Hotel

Island Tropic Hotel is a small hotel that caters to tourists bound for the famous Hundred Islands of Alaminos, Pangasinan. The hotel has its own restaurant that offers seafood meals which boast of the bounty of Pangasinan. Bestsellers from their menu are tinolang isda (P180), fish sisig (P160), mixed seafoods Xpress (P220), and pinakbet with seafood toppings (P160).

Island Tropic Hotel and Restaurant is located at Boulevard St., Barangay Lucap, Alaminos City, Pangasinan.

Kuya Max Restogrill


Kuya Max Restogrill used to be a simple carinderia in 2003. It was in 2007 when they decided to expand to accommodate growing number of customers craving for their seafood fare.

Bestsellers from Kuya Max Restogrill are their bangus sizzlers: sizzling boneless bangus (P175) and sizzling bangus max (P195). For variety, the restaurant also serves kare-kareng gulay (P120), spicy clam soup (P180), and sizzling pork binagoongan (P165).

Check out Kuya Max Restogrill at De Venecia Road, Lucao District, Dagupan City.

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina, as the name suggests, offers Mexican dishes with a Pinoy twist. Bestsellers from their menu are beef nachos (P170) and calliente wings (P180). For heavier meals, highly recommended dishes are Silantro’s burrito (P170), lamb-chop (P250), and grilled mahi-mahi (P190).

Go Mexican in Pangasinan at Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina, located Perez Blvd., Dagupan, Pangasinan.

Jacobo’s Seafood Grill

Jacobo’s Seafood Grill is a floating restaurant that serves a mix of Filipino and Cajun cuisines. Owners of Jacobo’s took inspiration from their time in Texas where they frequented a fishpond-cum-restaurant.

Bestsellers from Jacobo’s menu are their Cajun shrimp (P320), Cajun pasta mardi gras (P210), coconut shrimps (P185), crispy pork binagoongan (P185), and inihaw na boneless bangus (P165).

Feast on Filipino and Cajun meals while overlooking a tranquil palaisdaan at Jacobo’s Seafood Grill, located at Calima, Brgy. Pantal, De Venecia Rd. Ext., 2400 Dagupan, Pangasinan.

Hardin sa Paraiso


Hardin sa Paraiso offers not only a feast for the tummy but also for the eyes with their well-manicured garden. As you dine in paradise, make sure to try the resto’s crispy tuna tail (P295), kare-kareng bagnet (P225), and bangus ni Kaka (P195). Pair these dishes with their bestselling Paraiso rice (P150).

Check out Hardin sa Paraiso in Bargy. Lelemaan, Manaoag, Pangasinan.

Eliana’s Resto Grill

Eliana’s Resto Grill offers traditional seafood fare in their bestselling sizzling seafood platter (P498) and sizzling mixed seafoods specials (P298). Other must-trys from their menu are their special lemon chicken (P168) and ginulayang longganisa (P88).

If you’re craving for something exotic though while in Pangasinan, better try resto’s famous sizzling eel (P128)!

Eliana’s Resto Grill is located at Natl. Road, Brgy. San Vicencia, Alaminos City, Pangasinan.


Matutina is named after the wacky, high-pitched kasambahay of Donya Delilah in the popular 80’s sitcom “John en Marsha.” The restaurant was named as such because Dagupeños fondly called the owner of “Matutina” after the said character.

Bestsellers from Matutina’s are their sinigang na malaga (P200), crispy hipon (P250), pusit kilawen (P250), inihaw na bangus (P130), pinakbet (P175), sizzling bangus sisig (P165), talaba buttered (P150), and hipon spicy buttered (P250).

For tried and tested seafood dishes in Pangasinan, visit Matutina’s at MacArthur Hwy, Urdaneta City.

Cuisinero Garden

Cuisinero may sound like a Filipino-themed restaurant but this dining spot actually offers a variety of cuisines ranging from Brazilian to Chinese.

Moroccan, American, and Mediterranean were the cuisines of choice during “Ang Pinaka’s” visit. The team feasted on Moroccan salad (P250), poached surgeon fish (P228), fillet mignon (P378), osso buco (P298), and buffalo wings (P197).

Check out Cuisinero Restaurant at McArthur Highway, Nancayasan, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan.


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