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 BRINKMANSHIP: Resuello Invites Espino III and Cojuangco in Village Night


By Daniel Lucero

SAN CARLOS CITY – Is this city mayor plays a different kind of politics by inviting as guest of honors of a Barangay (Village) Night here two gubernatorial bets for the 2016 derby?


POLITICAL PERSONALITIES – 2nd from Left is Liga ng mga Barangay – Pangasinan Chapter President Pogi Espino, former Congresswoman Rachel Arenas, and San Carlos City Mayor Ayoy Resuello. At the stage , extreme left, is Vice Governor Ferdie Calimli

Mayor Julier Resuello invited Liga ng mga Barangay – Pangasinan Chapter President Amado T. Espino III, and former Congressman Mark Cojuangco in the April 25 affairs that started at 9 Pm and ended at the wee hours of the morning of April 26 in the Arenas-Resuello Sports Complex.

Espino III has been rumored to have a moist eye for the gubernatorial post his father Amado, Jr. would be exiting in 2016 while Cojuangco, a son of business tycoon Eduardo “Danding”Cojuangco has recently declared his gubernatorial intention to run the humongous province after Governor Espino, his party mate at the Nationalist People’s Coalition, would be leaving.

While Cojuangco did not arrive, present and former top government officials like former Congresswoman Rachel Arenas, incumbent Red Cross governor, and Vice Governor Ferdinand Calimlim attended one of the highlights of this city’s fiesta celebration.

Calimlim, Espino, Resuello, Vice Mayor Joseres Resuello, Arenas, city and village officials have given their short speeches to the 86 barangay chairmen and their council members who were seated around their respective round table with unlimited liquors, donated by Espino and Calimlim, and sumptuous dinner composed of some meats like roasted calf.

Obviously, the guests and the officials here have been relishing the moments stimulated by dances, shows, and the music played by Joe Caranto’s Orchestra.

Mayor Resuello, who just invited Cojuangco in the Farmers’ Day a day before the Village Night, called at the dais publicly Espino as “bayaw(brother-in –law) “and “kumpare (fellow godfather)”.

Resuello declared also in the stage his younger brother Joseres known with his moniker “Bogs” as the next mayor of this city.

“Thanks for your unwavering support to our family every elections. To the village chiefs here that after my term all the funds you requested for your projects will be given to you even if I did not make 100% of the votes in some of your barangays”.

Espino, an amiable person who loves to banter and who sports an immaculate white barong, exhorts everyone’s cooperation for a better local government.

“I’m a three-term mayor. As the dawn is coming, your constituents would be queuing at the door of your houses to ask you for money to buy rice, to solicit for a rabies antidote because they or their love ones have been beaten by dogs, and others would be lining at your houses for other kinds of help. They would also go to the offices of the mayor, vice mayor, vice governor, and governor to ask for the same help,” he stressed.

He reminded the village chiefs that altruism to their constituents is part and parcel of their jobs as elected officials.

Political spectators have been mind boggled as Arenas, the Resuellos, Espino, and Calimlim broke breads and appeared to be warmed with each other.

A political kibitzer, who asked anonymity, commented that Arenas in the last election defected to the Liberal Party of President Benigno Aquino III and gubernatorial bet Hernani Braganza at the expense of the Nationalist People’s Coalition that was her original political party, whose front runner was Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr.  

But Arenas, the president, and Braganza frustrated themselves as Espino, Jr. bludgeoned them in the polls by dusting Braganza, who has a poor political machinery to boot in the three cities 44 towns province, with more than half a million votes lead.

Resuello, he said, is being eyed as a congressional rival of Arenas in the 2016 polls unless the former chooses to run under the NPC of Cojuangco as his vice gubernatorial candidate.

Incase this happens, Calimlim, who is on his last term as the vice governor of Pangasinan, would be clashing with Resuelo who has the biggest numbers of voters as his constituents to exploit.

The kibitzer however pooh-poohed this monolithic voters as he cited that in the last local poll, the Resuellos was not able to deliver the goods to former national police chief and retired General Arturo Lomibao, whom they publicly campaigned, for the vice governorship. Instead Calimlim who was running in tandem with Espino, Jr – beat the former general and classmate of Espino at the Philippine Military Academy into pulped.

“Look at them (Resuello and Calimlim) they shook hands and patted their back as if nothing happened. Friends today, rival tomorrow,” the source said.

As one of the spectators commented that seeing these personalities rubbed elbows and lauding each other accomplishment and feat is part and parcel of the spectacles of the two faceted, double speak Philippine politics.


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