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Cebu Province Benchmarks Pangasinan Health Care

LINGAYEN— “If you want to look at areas where hospitals are really doing well, you better go to Pangasinan.”

These were the very words that took the Lakbay Aral team from the Provincial Government of Cebu to come to Pangasinan to conduct a study tour to observe and learn how the government hospitals carry out their delivery of services effectively.
The study group headed by no less than Cebu Governor Hilario P. Davide III paid a courtesy call to Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. on February 4 to signify his province’s intention to learn lessons and derive best practices that the Province of Cebu can emulate to duplicate the achievements of Pangasinan in the successful administration of healthcare services through the government hospitals operated by the Province of Pangasinan.
Davide said he learned from reliable sources that the Pangasinan hospitals are the best in the entire country so in line with his province’s thrusts to improve health services, Cebu’s study team headed for Pangasinan to visit some of the government hospitals here to see how these health facilities are operated.
The Cebu provincial governor said they came to the province purposely to learn lessons that they can apply to develop a more progressive delivery of health services as the government hospitals in Cebu really need rehabilitation.
Cebu Provincial Health Officer Dr. Cynthia Genosolango collaborated the observation of Davide, the province of Cebu she said has been hearing a lot of information about the successful implementation of Pangasinan’s healthcare delivery system.
Some of Cebu’s chiefs of hospital and other non-medical personnel formed part of the study team together with Cebu 2ndDistrict Representative Wilfredo Caminero and Provincial Board Member Peter Calderon.
Genosolango said health officials back in Cebu really wanted to come to Pangasinan to observe and look at the best practices that they may emulate and implement in their home province particularly, the efficiency in the delivery of quality health care and effectiveness in management of the hospitals.
The two day study tour brought the team to the Western Pangasinan District Hospital in Alaminos on their first day on February 4 and the Pangasinan Provincial Hospital and the Urdaneta District Hospital in Urdaneta City on their second day, February 5.
Among the initial observations of the group included the cleanliness and orderliness of the hospitals visited. They also learned best practices on effective hospital management procedures and operations.
Gov. Espino expressed elation over the Cebu delegation’s visit to the province.
The governor said he feels proud that Pangasinan has become a favorite destination not only of tourists but Lakbay Aral teams eager to learn best practices from us.
“I am very happy that we are able to share our best practices to others,” Gov. Espino noted.


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