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PHO Cautions the Public Against Various Illnesses


LINGAYEN—The Provincial Health Office has warned the public to take necessary precautions against the various illnesses that has plagued not only Pangasinan but the whole country as well.

            This developed after the PHO came out with its report on the number of patients in the province that were afflicted with influenza, measles and rabies during the previous year.

            The increase in cases of measles has caused grave concern as reports revealed that in 2012 only two (2)  were listed while 26 confirmed cases appeared in 2013 where most bloomed in November 2013 registering 11 cases.

            Provincial Health Officer Anna Ma. Teresa De Guzman urged the Rural Health Units in affected areas to strengthen their campaign against the illness as she disclosed that the province has enough supply of vaccine for measles.

            De Guzman noted that despite the recorded increase of the measles case in Pangasinan, the case is still under control. She added that no casualty has been recorded in the province despite increase in cases of measles.

            Persons affected with measles belong to the age group below one to 31years.

            The ages of measles case ranged from below one to 31 years old of which majority of the cases cover male victims representing 58 percent or 15 out of 26 cases.

            Children aged 1 to 4 ranked second among the most commonly affected where 10 cases or 38 percent of the total victims belonged to this group.

            Rosales town recorded the highest number of measles laboratory confirmed cases compared to last year registering 12 cases.

            The PHO chief said that the seven municipalities and one city now under the PHO watchlist include Rosales, Mabini, San Nicolas, Lingayen, San Quintin, Alaminos City, Natividad and Mangatarem.

            Based on data, the number of influenza victims decreased from 3, 004 in 2012 to 2, 450 in 2013.

            The decrease was attributed to the provincial government’s administration of influenza vaccines during the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2013 to the people including the senior citizens of Pangasinan.

            Meanwhile, death in rabies victims also posed a decrease from 14 mortalities in 2012 to six in 2013. However, victims of animal bites numbered to  3, 000.

            As this developed, De Guzman also warned the people of contacting another disease which attacks especially during the cold seasons.

            De Guzman said the PHO is keeping close watch on the AHINI disease or swine flu.

            She noted that health authorities in the province are now closely monitoring the said virus which is likely to be brought by foreign visitors who might have contacted the virus and become carriers.


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