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Mangaldan Mayor Assails Dads on Housing Projects

MANGALDAN – The mayor here lamented the decision of the Sangguniang Bayan (town council) to defer her signing of the memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the National Housing Authority (NHA).
Mayor Bonafe de Vera-Parayno wonders why the council would not allow her to transact business with the NHA when the latter will give G.I sheets and other construction materials to the 100 would be recipient-families whose houses were either wiped out or damaged by the previous typhoons.

SEEDLINGS: Mangaldan Mayor Bonafe de Vera-Parayno strikes a pose as she give a tree seedling to municipal workers during her week long natal day celebration. The celebration was full of activities for the good of the town’s people.

SEEDLINGS: Mangaldan Mayor Bonafe de Vera-Parayno strikes a pose as she give a tree seedling to municipal workers during her week long natal day celebration. The celebration was full of activities for the good of the town’s people.

“Why you have to differ a national project? Pagmamahal ng national government iyan sa Mangaldan. Ano ang rason niyo bakit ayaw niyo akong pag-transakin ng MOA?” she posed on the inaction of the August Body.
De Vera-Parayno said she was not convinced with the alibi of the council that they did not understand the MOA thus their decision to hold in abeyance their votes for it.
Meanwhile, the mayor said the council members have just approved the proposed budget sent by her office to the Sangguniang Bayan.
Julieta C. Petonio, Municipal Planning & Development Coordinator, told this paper late last year that this town’s proposed budget for this year was P165, 088,776.
When asked what made the council members approved the budget despite her revocation of the local version of the P3.2 million yearly pork barrel Barangay Infrastructure Assistance (BIA), de Vera-Parayno quipped that the members’ 6-1 votation in favor of the budget was because she consented for the increased of their (SB) appropriation this year.
“They probably see kung ano talaga ang totoong project saka program para dito. Kung ni-dis-approved nila (the proposed budget) I will ask them question why. Alam nila iyon”.
Some of the mass based projects of the mayor this year are the Multi-Function Hall, Swimming Pool, and Urgent Care Clinic.
The mayor explained that the multi-function hall would not only become income generating to the town from the revenues it gets from the private sector who availed it but would be an escape venue for Mangaldinians who find shelter whenever calamity like the monstrous flood strike again the town.
The renovation would erase the public perception of the place as idle, unkempt, and dark that is ridiculously referred by passers by as hunted house.
“It could be an evacuation center. We are going to construct an elevator there that would complement the place to ferry not only the patrons of the multi-purpose hall but those dislocated residents, the handicapped, and the old folks who would be having a hard time ascending to the third floor,” she stressed.
She explained that the swimming pool would be constructed at the Mangaldan National High School for the free use of the students there. “It would be a training ground for disaster preparedness for the flood prone town where water rises as high as the rooftop of the houses “.
She said the pool can bolster the swimming acumen of the students and folks in her town.
“It would be another source of income for individuals who will avail it for their private functions through a minimum fee”.
The mayor, who was into the health care business in the U.S, explained that her administration would renovate the old infirmary building so it can serve as first aid clinic, and mitigate morbidity of the people in the town who suffered physical ailment and accident.
“It takes 45 minutes inclusive of traffic to bring to Dagupan (City) a patient to a hospital there who was either struck by cardiac arrest or stroke”.
She said if there is an urgent care clinic untimely death of people in Mangaldan could be avoided.
She cited the case of former Mayor Herminio Romero who died in a heart attack as he was being whisked to a hospital in Dagupan City. The mayor stressed the clinic would also be an income-generating project to the municipal coffer through its socialized payment system based on the financial capacity of the people who patronize it.
She said it is generally for free for the poor people of the town.


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