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Alice Dixon’s almost Naked Photo

Sexy Alice Dixon

Sexy Alice Dixon

By Edwin P. Sallan, · Tuesday, December 17, 2013 · 3:05 pm
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With copies disappearing from newsstands faster than anyone can say, “I can feel it,” FHM’s December 2013 issue featuring “For Love or Money” star Alice Dixson is on pace to become one of the magazine’s best sellers of the year.

This was what Allan Madrilejos, editor-in-chief of FHM Philippines told InterAksyon in an interview three days after the well-attended autograph signing session of the issue last Saturday at Robinsons Galleria.

“Sales wise, we won’t have a clear picture of how much the issue sold until February or early March pa. But At the rate the issue’s selling sa newsstands at digital newsstands, we’re hoping it sells about 80 plus percent of our total print run and garners at the very least 10,000 digital buys. That’s a solid sales performance that would make the issue one of the year’s top five best selling FHM issues,” he revealed.

Madrilejos added that his estimates may even be conservative as all signs point to a successful pursuit of the actress for their year-end cover issue — something many of Alice’s fans believe was well worth the long wait.

“Sobrang panalo ang feedback about the Alice cover stint. Record-breaking nga ang number of likes sa Facebook fanpage namin at 85,000 per my last count. An estimated 300 persons attended her autograph signing last Saturday, which also makes it one of our heavily-attended sessions this year,” he noted.

Alice’s own official Facebook fan page greatly benefited from her FHM exposure. Prior to the release of the issue, it only had more than 100,000 likes. Now it has more than doubled to 240,000 likes.

Not bad for a bold and sexy career move that Alice has resisted over the years. “Everything that is meant to be—inevitably WILL be,” the 44-year old actress tweeted this writer in reference to her FHM cover shoot.

With all this upward trajectory, Alice could be expected to crack next year’s FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women list in a very big way, possibly the top 10, top 5 or even higher.

“As long as I don’t have to wear anything skimpy, OK lang,” Alice replied when InterAksyon asked her about what she feels about making the list and subsequently gracing the traditional “FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party” that usually follows the announcement.


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