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Self confessed CNN “gay” reporter “bitch slapped” Korina

anderson vs corina



Our very own Korina Sanchez has cemented her stature as the best broadcast journalist to ever walk on Philippine soil after landing a once-in-a-lifetime spot on CNN.


We watched with immense pride and admiration as the Fighting Pride of Mother Ignacia took on CNN’s Anderson Cooper, a self-confessed member of the 3rd sex,  for criticizing the Philippine government’s highly organized and timely response to victims of Super-typhoon “Yolanda.”


(We believe Jose Rene Almendras when he strongly insinuated, as fed to him by Dinky Soliman, that those so-called Leyte victims begging for help on TV were actually paid movie “extras” hired by BS Aquino’s political enemies to shed fake tears and discredit his efficient administration. The rotting bodies piled up on the streets were actually movie props for a World War Z sequel, Tacloban edition.)


Ate Kuring didn’t let it pass when that parachuting Cooper told the world that “there is no real evidence of organized recovery or relief” in Tacloban. But he didn’t know what he was talking about, Korina protested in her radio program, sounding like she wanted to mess up Anderson’s neatly combed hair. That you never do to Anderson!


So big was the impact of Korina’s morning rant that Cooper, despite his busy coverage, took notice of the ant making noise from the molehill. He denied ever saying that, “there was no presence of the Philippine government on the ground.”


“I’ve seen the work that’s being done and the work that isn’t being done,” he said on AC360 this morning.




Then came the stink bomb.


“Ms. Sanchez is welcome to go there and I would urge her to go there. I don’t know if she has, but her husband as interior minister, I’m sure he could arrange a flight,” he said.


Thanks to Cooper, the world learned that this “radio broadcaster” questioning the accuracy of the CNN report is in fact “the wife of the interior minister who’s overseeing the relief effort on the ground.”




Cooper’s seemingly innocuous statements were loaded, announcing to the whole world — including those lounging in CNN Partner Hotels — the context of Korina’s journalism. It’s one shaped by conflicts of interest, tolerated and abetted by her own bosses at the Kapamilya network. Ate Kuring got bitch-slapped so hard that she spun 360 degrees.


But Cooper was just getting started.


He then took on BS Aquino, who, in case Cooper didn’t know, is an ex-boyfriend of Korina. But that was well in the past, waaaaay before she fell in love with Mar Roxas, the camera-shy, all-business public servant who had quite a struggle with CNN reporter Andrew Stevens in Tacloban. We’ll surely remember how he also directed traffic in the city three years from now.


We’re not sure if in Anderson’s book, Korina’s separate love stories with the political BFFs had to do with her appreciation of facts in her own typhoon coverage.


The day before Cooper advised her to see Tacloban for herself, Ate Kuring had flown in, but to Ormoc where residents complained of having received no relief assistance for days since Yolanda flattened their community.


Korina was in town to “investigate” whether the complaints were true. And true to her role as the interior minister’s wife, she found out how the victims were slowly rising up from the disaster. It’s a spin straight out of the Palace propaganda manual: let’s talk about hope and resilience to divert attention from BS Aquino’s Category 5 incompetence.


But the truth could not be ignored. Halfway into her TV Patrol report on Nov. 14, Korina was forced to reverse her Nov. 13 self. She came across a family who had not received the promised manna from Mar since Yolanda took everything from them. Good thing she switched to first lady mode and began distributing goodie bags, making sure the camera wouldn’t miss the heartwarming scene – verily a story of “resilience, hope, and faith” befitting the journalistic vision of BS Aquino.




That same day, Mr. Korina Sanchez went to another Leyte town, Tanauan, and delivered a truckload of promise that help would soon arrive. That was Day 6 since the disaster.


Luckily for BS Aquino, Cooper has since mellowed down from his famous “Katrina” outburst, which saw the CNN pretty boy dressing down Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu for unloading piles of BS instead of relief for hurricane victims.


It’s exactly because Cooper is a foreign journo that he is immune to Benigno-coccemia, that debilitating disease that credits all the good in this universe to BS Aquino. He has the proper and universal notion of accuracy, one that would never buy BS statements like, “Umasa po kayong darating agad ang tulong paghupa ng bagyo.”



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