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Drunk Guy Wakes Up in Body Bag in Morgue After Party


by JON DAVID KAHN 7 Nov 2013, 5:11 AM PDT


POLAND – It was one of those nights for 56-year-old Marek Michalski. One of those nights when “one more” seemed like a good idea – but wasn’t. He was found passed out on a bench in Piotrkow, Poland without a pulse. Concerned citizens called an ambulance and he was whisked away.


Fade to Black:


Fade in:


It’s hours later. It’s dark. It’s quiet.


Marek awoke in a body bag and screamed for help but nobody heard him. He then rolled the bag off the table and extricated himself from his premature eternal sleeping bag to find himself in the morgue.


He told local media, “I remember sitting on a bench and the next thing I woke up in a morgue. Someone has to pay for this, I have nightmares now about being sliced up by doctors who don’t realize I am alive and want to do an autopsy.”


Marek intends to file suit against the hospital which gave a glimpse of its razor sharp defense: “They [the staff] believed that the man was dead and followed procedure by putting him inside a sealed bag.”


The moral of the story is if you plan to drink a lot, try not to die…if even for a short while.



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