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Senator Jinggoy denies ‘US arrest’

jingoy jail

MANILA — Senator Jinggoy Estrada is crying foul over a report from a parody news website which said he was arrested in the United States.


In a statement, Estrada said he was informed by his staff that a news saying he was arrested for bringing in huge money has been circulating online.


“That is absolutely NOT TRUE. I’ve been seen by a number of Filipinos and were happy to see me and even took pics of me. That story is incredible to say the least,” Estrada said.


On Monday, parody news website “So, What’s News?” published a story saying Estrada was detained at the San Francisco International Airport after he tried to get past customs while in possession of huge amounts of money.


“Airport authorities grew suspicious of the senator after they noticed him all sweaty, jumpy and saw a noticeable bulge on the upper-body-area of his clothes,” the fake story read.


Estrada recently flew to the US to accompany his wife who will seek a second opinion after a lump was discovered in her breast.


“But it turns out, his wife was not with him on the trip, and it was the senator instead who had a lump on his breast,” the story added.


The fake report said “authorities discovered bundles of money hidden inside Estrada’s ‘muscles’ and skin, that the senator was trying to bring in to the country.”


Estrada and 37 others are facing plunder and malversation charges over the alleged misuse of congressional pork barrel funds, officially known as Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).


The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently asked the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to cancel the passports of the respondents in the case.


After the request was made, Estrada bared plans to go to the US to seek a second opinion for his wife’s medical condition.


Estrada pushed through with his trip, saying it is premature for the DOJ to seek the cancellation of their passports since the case is still in the preliminary investigation phase before the Office of the Ombudsman.


Nonetheless, Estrada assured the public that he would not evade any charges filed against him in connection with the misuse of lawmakers’ PDAF.


Estrada vowed to return to the country before Congress resumes session on November 18.

(NOTE: This news is not a satire. This is real news.)



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