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WARNING TO ‘RIDING IN TANDEM’ | This could happen to you

killer 1Here’s viral video posted on The Blaze where a gun-toting “riding in tandem” (our local description of motorcycle-riding robbers or hitmen) in Sao Paolo, Brazil tried to snatch another rider’s motorcycle, not knowing there was a police officer right across the street. The cop unexpectedly emerged from his unmarked car and shot one of the robbers.

Stunning video is going viral showing a motorcyclist who was attacked at gunpoint by two assailants in Sao Paulo, Brazil. While one of the robbers brandished a gun in an attempt to steal the victim’s chopper, he was thwarted when a police officer unexpectedly emerged and shot him from across the street.

The chaotic incident, which unfolded rather quickly at a stoplight, was captured by a helmet-bound camera the victim was wearing at the time of the attack, Gawker reports. It was later uploaded by a YouTube user named Anderson Mangai, although it is not immediately known whether he was the victim.

It’s also unclear when, exactly, the incident unfolded. The New York Daily News, among other outlets, reports that the attack on the biker possibly took place on Saturday at 3 p.m.

While the footage begins with the motorcyclist serenely driving down the road, two men on another bike — the main culprit with the gun is identified by some outlets as Escarante Leonardo Santos – emerge, grab the victim’s vehicle and wave a gun his face.

Bowing to the armed assailant’s commands, the victim abandons the motorcycle — and just when it seems the gun-wielding culprit is about to escape the scene, two shots ring out and a police officer downs the assailant. It’s unclear what happened to the other thief, but it appears from the clip that he sped away from the scene.

Reddit commenters have been discussing and dissecting the violent event at length, with one individual translating the alleged conversation that unfolded between the robbers and his victim (read Reddit user sipping_mai_tais’ post for the full back-and-forth).

Once the thief was down, the victim lashed out at him and expressed thanks that his bike wouldn’t be stolen.

“Now you’re gonna rob in hell. You’re not gonna take away my bike,” he reportedly said. “You’re not gonna take it, thank God.”

It’s unclear what happened to Santos following the shooting. While Gawker claims that the popular assumption is that he will survive, The Daily Mail reports that the man who uploaded the original video said that he died from his

He was apparently taken to the hospital for surgery following the incident, but that his condition has not been made public. A statement from the police department called the officer’s actions both warranted and appropriate.

We’ll leave you with a longer version of the footage:


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