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New Swanky Office of Mangaldan Mayor Bonafe de Vera-Parayno

May 2

These elegant couches were personally purchased by
Mayor de Vera-Parayno.

May 1

Immaculate Mayoral Table

may 3

Spruced up mayor’s office. “Simple but elegant.” according

to Dr. Rosalie Hulipas, one of the aides of Mayor Parayno.


Mayor Bona confers with her staff at the newly re-
furbished balcony of the Presidencia. The rattan couches came from her house.

Mayoral huddle

Mayoral huddle


Row of tables for the staff of the mayor.




Visitors and callers lounge. The glass wall at the left is the mayor’s office.


Mayor Bonafe de Vera-Parayno being escorted by
the town’s former mayor as she entered the town
plaza for her “First 100 Days Report” . The magnificent
program started at 6:30 pm of October 8, 2013.


Mayor Parayno delivered her reports and visions that have been complemented by two movie screen liked visuals before the thousand of guests and spectators who incessantly applauded her feats and mass based projects she is going to introduce in the days to come.


Vice Mayor Manuel Casupang presides on the special session of the Sanggunian Bayan (town council) to accommodate the “100 Days Report” of the first lady mayor of the robust town.


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